Coretta Scott King's letter to Strom Thurmond + statement re: Sessions
Coretta Scott King's letter to Strom Thurmond re: Sessions
Flee Pasts Ape Elf cover

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Gary Panter:

“Robert Carey has an ear and an eye for the subtly outrageous thing  on the landscape, airwave, or shelf-- the nagging thing  that makes its own smoke, that no one else seems to notice, yet, there it is. 

His music takes those observations and elements -- the glottal stops and shifting of gears between words, the swallows, gulps, hesitations, slurs-- the rich sentence puzzle that conveys rich traces of emotion and manipulation, the peculiar word fragment that hangs in the air, and drops them down on a metal wire, like in that old multicolor plastic crow popgun shooting range game and he shoots the hell out of it with a much bigger caliber weapon, his mind. I really like what results. I've dug his music since the 'Dime Operation' single 45, back in the other century. Matt Groening and I used to play 'Dime Operation' over and over and anticipate the eventual 33 1/3 LP 'Flee Past's Ape Elf'  which was everything the single promised-- a finely observed and highly intelligent and hilarious exploration of a rich and neglected approach to sound art.”
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